Update – Happy New Year! ^^


Hiya. So, here’s another update, as it happens to be a new year, and I have a lot on my mind – many things in which I will not even venture into. It’ll be a somewhat lengthy update, so bear with me. =)

First things first, I suppose. So, today – after many months of patiently waiting on the doc’s “approval”, and after a few years of stress, I finally *took* my letter for a gender marker change. I specifically used the word “took,” as it was far from given to me. I had been promised on two previous occasions that letter, and lied to twice. Today, however, I wasn’t about to sit back and be taken advantage of again. I had to deal with a very transphobic doctor (gatekeeper) to get where I am currently, and I honestly had a terrible experience. After being repeatedly questioned and literally laughed at for my need/purpose for having a letter ‘F’ on my ID(s), I decided to get a little loud in the office. I can’t believe how I was treated, and I really don’t want to go too much further into my visit today, but let’s just say that my letter was written up very quickly after the fact. Anyhow, that’s over with, fortunately. I will never be going back to that doctor again. I just can’t put myself in a position where I am being treated less than human, for any reason whatsoever. Having been on hormones for nearly 2½ years, and full-time for about a year and a half – with all of my documents already changed… name, ID, passport, etc… why should I still be considered legally male? It’s been a thing of constant worry, both legally and health-wise for some time; not to mention, it’s completely bizarre to me. The doctor, not being trans, couldn’t begin to possibly imagine what it’s like for me – and other transsexuals – in this world. If you make a promise to me about something like this, don’t expect me to forget, honey. I know I should be happy about my gender marker letter, but I’m a bit outraged and shocked over today’s events. Enough of that… *sigh*

The cover art for my 1st DVD – Devil’s Film’s “Transsexual Prostitutes 75″ – was just released; It stars Aubrey Kate (featured on the cover), Jade Downing, TS Nelly, and myself. I’m not sure when it will be available. As the cover is explicit, unfortunately, I can’t post the image here on Facebook, but you can view it on my Twitter: @tsbirdmountain. For those interested, it contains my 3rd scene with Christian XxX.

I have a lot of plans for 2014, with regards to porn work, as well as my own personal photography. I will speak more of my plans in the coming months, but I am definitely aiming rather high. I’ll still continue to be both in front of the camera, as well as behind. For modeling, I want to expand my range a bit; I have so many ideas. In photography, I’ll be shooting more and more industry girls, some hardcores, and I also plan to do much more outside of the realm of porn; it’s my passion, and creating images is always on my mind. As with any artist, I do plan to evolve in all areas of my work. Oh, and I tip my hat to all of those who have swiftly come and gone, and I understand reasons, personal or otherwise, for leaving the industry; it’s a tough life… there’s no denying that. But, for what it’s worth, birdie’s going nowhere, unless I just so happen to decide to take things to the next level and transcend my current work. I do have big ambitions in my life, and I just need to create and/or entertain. I hope you will join me in my journey of evolution. =)

So, I’ve been terribly busy with work, among other things, and I apologize to those who I have yet to get back to. Also, I have a new phone, and I switched from iOS to Android, so until my number is completely removed from Apple’s messaging/FaceTime servers, I may not receive all texts. It should be resolved soon. What an odd system. Anyhow, I’ve been a tad bit overwhelmed with messages, emails, texts, and even physical mail as of late, to say the least. I appreciate it all, I really do, but I can only manage so much at once. Forgive me. lol

As always, thanks to everyone – friends, family, peers & co-workers, fans, and admirers – for your constant support and love. I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me. Thank you so much. There are many of you that I can’t wait to finally meet in the coming months during the awards season. It should be a ton of fun! Until next time. ^^

-bird <3

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